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Your Search for Wedding Reception Venues is Over..

..if you call and book a tour and love Brasenhill Mansion as much as we do! Your wedding in the York, PA area has got to be one of the biggest and most special dates in your life. As such, there is no excuse for this celebration not to be perfect. Everything has to be in order –from the biggest up to the tiniest details. Take care in managing everything so you are not overwhelmed and making these biggest mistakes that most couples make in planning their wedding:

1. Carelessly booking a venue.

Most wedding venues fill up fast – particularly the really special ones like The Brasenhill Mansion in Lebanon, PA. Yes, it is essential to book early because this destination is much sought after but it is a mistake to do so without any thought. The best way to go about it is to create a guest list first before securing a place. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a venue without ample space for all your guests. Alternatively, a venue that is too big for your party does not look good either. Have a ballpark idea of how many people will be attending, schedule a tour of the estate, then lock it in for the best wedding in the York, PA area has ever seen.

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2. Rushing to select the bridal party.

There is only one rule: pick people who you want to be around you on your wedding day. You do not have to invite all of your friends, or worse, everyone that you know. It is a special and intimate celebration and you are allowed to be selective about who gets to come. It does not matter whether this translates to five or 20 people – it will be great as long as you care for those who end up going.

3. Having a vague plus one policy.

Pour in the time and effort in writing your guest list. This means establishing consistent rules with the plus one policy. In general, the rule is to invite couples together and it is the nicest gesture to let everybody bring a date.


4. Not paying attention in sending invites.

Do not just stick one regular stamp on the entire bunch of your invites and throw them in the mail. Everything will be returned to you and you will only lose time and money in getting them back in. In addition, make a point of getting the addresses right. If you do not have an updated address of one of your guests, send an e-mail or any message to ask for it. Do not forward it to their parents’ house or to an old apartment hoping the invitation will magically land on their doorstep – somehow. If you really want these people to attend your wedding in the York, PA area, make the effort.


5. Failing to go through contracts.

A wedding in Central, PA is not the cheapest thing in the world so pay attention and read all your contracts. You do not want to be taken advantaged of or shortchanged in anything. If you tend to get confused with the document, try your best to understand it and let another person go through it thoroughly and then discuss it together. You are spending too much money on this event to not read the fine print.

Have a stunning wedding and celebrate it at The Brasenhill Mansion. Book a tour and fall in love with this majestic estate that is the most perfect venue for your wedding. Here are the driving instructions from York, PA. It takes 58 minutes without traffic via the I-83 and I-76 E:


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1. Get on I-83 N in Manchester Township from Loucks Mill Rd. 7 min (2.3 mi)

• Head north-west on N George St towards W Clarke Ave. (0.4 mi)

• Turn right onto Washington St. (335 ft)

• Continue onto Arch St. (0.3 mi)

• Arch St turns left and becomes Loucks Mill Rd. (1.0 mi)

• Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto US-30 W. (0.3 mi)

• Use the right lane to merge onto I-83 N via the slip road to Harrisburg. (0.3 mi)

2. Follow I-83 N and I-76 E to PA-72 N in Rapho Township. Take exit 266 from I-76 E. 40 min (42.8 mi)

• Merge onto I-83 N. (17.5 mi)

• Take exit 39B to merge onto I-76 E towards Philadelphia. (24.6 mi)• Take exit 266 towards PA-72 N. (0.6 mi)

3. Continue on PA-72 N. Take Quentin Rd and S Lincoln Ave to E Walnut St in Lebanon 15 min (8.5 mi)

• Turn left onto PA-72 N. (2.5 mi)

• Take the PA-72 N exit towards Lebanon. (0.4 mi)

• Continue onto PA-72 N/Quentin Rd. (2.3 mi)

• Turn right onto Rocherty Rd. (1.1 mi)

• Turn left onto S Lincoln Ave. (2.1 mi)

• Turn right onto E Walnut St. Destination will be on the right. (0.1 mi)