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Plan Your Dream Wedding In The Lititz, PA Area At Brasenhill Mansion

Are you preparing your wedding in the Lititz area? It is indeed a very busy time for you. But there is no need to stress because you will finish everything if you go at it one step at a time. Of course, the priority is to choose an ideal wedding venue such as The Brasenhill Mansion in nearby Lebanon, PA. It is a popular wedding destination and it is important that you call ahead to visit a tour and eventually secure the place for your celebration.

The estate is beautiful, with ample space for your guests plus amenities that will look after all of your needs. Get this big ticket item out of your list immediately then proceed to attend to the other details of your wedding. When you do this, keep your cool and approach with a plan. The last thing you want is to commit these common mistakes that most people do in planning their special day:




1. Drowning in inspiration:

Good research is key in staging an incredible wedding in Lititz, PA. However, be careful with the amount of information that you take in. All the magical inspiration from magazines, websites, and social media can easily swallow you whole leading to confusion and indecision if you are not careful. Getting a few ideas that you love is enough then start making it happen. Also, remember to stick with your budget and delegate tasks.

2. Overspending on flowers:

Yes, flowers are very pretty and they make your wedding venue even prettier than it already is. But there are a few things that you have to keep in mind to be on top of everything. First, work with your budget. It is not fair to go to your florist with a photo of a $500 centerpiece and then asking them to recreate that with only a quarter of that budget. It just won’t work. Also, consider using seasonal flowers. These are cheaper and no less prettier than any other option out there. Obtaining them won’t be a problem too because they are ready and available.

3. Skimping on drinks:

An open bar is often expected in receptions but you do not have to bleed for an all-night open bar. There are many alternatives that will still keep your wedding in the Lititz, PA area fun and in full swing. For instance, you can opt to serve two signature cocktails, wine, and beer, or ask your venue for a corkage option.


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4. Being careless about the marriage license:

Wrap your head around the marriage license in advance. If you are getting married in Pennsylvania, a license is valid for 60 days. Find out what applies to you and observe the rules. Also, do not go getting a license the day before your wedding because a processing time is often required. For people who are coming into their second wedding, do not forget to bring your official divorce papers, too.

5. Not preparing for last minute expenses:

No matter how careful you are with your budget, there will always be unexpected expenses to come up. Always have a backup plan to avoid massive financial stress, particularly as your big day approaches.Have the best wedding and book The Brasenhill Mansion to host your event.



Here are the driving directions from Lititz, PA. It takes 26 minutes without traffic via PA-501 and PA-897 N:

1. Head west on E Main St towards S Broad St. (75 ft)

2. Turn right onto PA-501 N/N Broad St. Continue to follow PA-501 N. (10.7 mi)

3. Turn left onto PA-419 S/PA-897 N. Continue to follow PA-897 N. (6.1 mi)

4. Turn left onto E High St. (0.3 mi)

5. Turn right onto S 1st Ave. (312 ft)

6. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto E Walnut St. Destination will be on the right. (131 ft)