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Choose the Best Wedding Venue in the Lancaster, PA area

wedding-venues-central-paThere are numerous considerations when picking a wedding venue in the Lancaster, PA area but couples agree there is no better place to celebrate this wondrous day than Brasenhill Mansion located just north in Lebanon, PA. The history and culture of the estate, coupled with the stunning courtyard and stone house presents an elegant and intimate destination, perfect to gather family and friends in celebration.

But for those who are still looking for a wedding and reception venue, here is a guide to set you off in the selection process. Find out what best serves your needs and after careful study, remember to schedule a visit and tour Brasenhill Mansion.


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Come up with a budget. How much are you willing to spend on a wedding venue in the Lancaster, PA area? Have this figure in mind and drop by places that fit your budget. There is no sense in going to over the top establishments that are obviously way above what you can afford. Keep it simple and stick to your budget. It saves you time and heartache.


Decide on a location. What kind of wedding do you want to have? Some couples fancy a beach wedding while others pick a grand and historic property like Brasenhill Mansion in the Lancaster, PA area. Identify what your ideal location is and narrow your options based on the specifics.


Seek local vendor’s advice. Working with experienced local vendors helps a lot in planning your wedding. These professionals have done a lot of similar ceremonies and can point you in the right direction easily. Do not hesitate to ask for advice on what is available and reasonable within your area.

Find out the flexibility of the venue. It is always great to book a tour of likable wedding venues to get an accurate idea on what kind of service it can offer in terms of style and size. Also, discuss what contingency plans are available in case unforeseen surprises come along. Always be prepared.

Consider how photogenic the place is. The pictures to come out of this big celebration will be cherished for life. Make them as great as possible. At Brasenhill Mansion, every corner is simply photogenic. Everything will come out natural as every turn is just divine.

Choose a venue with accommodation options. There is a lot of traffic on the actual wedding day. It is best to keep everyone in one place to stay organized. Pick a venue that has rooms and suites that are large enough to accommodate everyone in your party. It should be comfortable too and have amenities to serve your needs.


Schedule A Tour


Pick practical catering. Impressive food and drinks do not happen by accident. You need a good and reliable caterer to keep your party going. There are many options available but consider a venue that comes with catering services. It is less stress for you.

Provide the best guest experience. Do not just consider the build of a wedding venue. Think about what kind of experience it will create for guests, too. Is it accessible? Does it have amenities that will look after the leisure and entertainment of your guests? Is it spacious enough? How close is it to other attractions? Obviously, this is why couples pick Brasenhill Mansion in the Lancaster PA area. Not only is it an impressive looking estate, it answers all the needs of guests and ensures everyone has an unforgettable experience of your wedding day.

Schedule a visit to Brasenhill Mansion and learn what this historic wedding venue is all about. Here are the driving directions from Lancaster, PA via PA-501 N. It takes 44 minutes without traffic to reach the venue:

Lancaster Pa Wedding Venue

1. Head north-east on E King St towards N Christian St. (0.2 mi)

2. Turn left onto N Lime St. (1.0 mi)

3. Turn left onto US-222 N (0.1 mi)

4. Turn right to stay on US-222 N (0.6 mi)

5. Continue onto PA-501 N (17.5 mi)

6. Turn left onto PA-419 S/PA-897 N. Continue to follow PA-897 N (6.1 mi)

7. Turn left onto E High St. (0.3 mi)

8. Turn right onto S 1st Ave (312 ft)

9. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto E Walnut St. Destination will be on the right.